The Team

Sean Donohue  

Family Coach, Founder, Speaker 21688492_10212681535487093_2513405277908073586_o

Sean has been coaching and mentoring teens and parents since 2000.

Knowing that teenagers prefer meeting in the comfort of their own homes, or while going on short outings to places like Starbucks, AND that parents need practical parenting tools to help with their teens, he founded this unique form of Family Coaching.

Sean has become one of the most popular and sought after keynote speakers in the San Francisco Bay Area. As you can see from his speaking calendar, Sean speaks to tens-of-thousands of parents, teens and kids every year.

Sean’s hobbies include camping, fishing, basketball, watching football, concerts, surfing, movies, and backpacking. He enjoys long BBQs with friends, his wife Danielle, and their three daughters, Maddy, Miley and Kensie.

He is also the co-founder of the San Quentin State Prison “Warriors” basketball program, which has been featured in USA Today, ESPN,, and The Wall Street Journal.


Sean has a bachelor’s degree in world literature from the University of California, San Diego and a master’s degree from Golden Gate University.


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Rachael Porter, Family Coachfb_img_1480138711649

Rachael has a deep passion in her heart for young people. She began counseling teenagers in 2006. She has been involved with several youth organizations, camps and groups, and has served in various leadership roles.

Rachael is married to an awesome guy, Ben, a paramedic and aspiring firefighter, and they have two children. Both Racheal and Ben grew up in divorced families with their own interesting challenges, so Rachael is no stranger to family tensions and difficult circumstances.

Rachael loves to sing, paint and bake. She attended the culinary school Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco, and now gets to use those skills to bless family and friends. The kitchen is her happy place.


Rachael enjoys the challenge of connecting with hurting or angry teenagers and preteens, and helping them wade through the murky waters of emotions to bring them to a place of validation, empowerment, healing, and growth.

“It’s an honor to be the influence that I never had during my difficult teen years but desperately needed. If I can help change one family for the better, that’s a job well done.” —Rachael Porter

Dustin Warford, Family CoachFullSizeRender

Dustin has been working with children, teens and parents since 2007, and he loves to see families overcome their struggles and be close with each other.

Dustin has lived his entire life in the East Bay. He has 14 siblings (that is not a misprint!), so family (and kids) have always been a huge part of his life.

He loves to volunteer in local schools by leading sports programs and after school clubs. He also directs a summer camp every year for elementary and middle school students. Dustin has worked in several non-profit groups and churches.

Dustin’s hobbies include baseball, video games, football, concerts, snowboarding, being outdoors, movies, and comics. He also loves going to the beach.

He has a bachelor’s degree in business communications from California State University, Sacramento, and a bachelor’s degree from INSTE Bible College. Dustin and his wife Stephanie were married in 2006, and they have two daughters.

Sean Potts, Family Coach

Like the rest of the team, Sean has been working with teenagers for a long time. Sean smiling yellow croppedSean Donohue says that Sean’s youth work actually began when Sean Potts was student body president at San Ramon Valley High School, back in 1995.

Sean has worked as a youth program director for various community groups in Contra Costa County. A natural leader, Sean has led teens on service work trips to Mississippi, West Virginia, Idaho, and various locations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sean graduated from the University of Oregon summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in sociology.

For fun, Sean plays ultimate and spends time with his nephew.

As a never-married single man, Sean enjoys meeting new people in his search for the special woman to share his life with.

Sean loves to help teens and adults practice mindfulness, encourage close family relationships, and find some peace of mind in a go-go-go world.

“The teen years are difficult for so many of us. I was blessed to have adult mentors and a group of peers who loved me for who I was. Today, I am committed to offering the kind of support that I received as a youth growing up in Danville.”  —Sean Potts



Jon Thompson, Family Coach1796011_10205382142056137_802316714156751239_o

Under the leadership of Sean Donohue, Jon began mentoring teenagers in 2011 during his freshmen year in college.

Jon enjoys helping young people gain confidence, build self-esteem, and become mature young adults who love their family and have hope and passion for their future.

Jon was raised by his mom, Kim, a single-mother who was more like a double parent. She taught Jon the importance of family, friendship, love, laughter, spirituality, and being a man of his word.

Jon’s school experience included holding various leadership positions and receiving several awards. He also has enjoyed volunteering with a number of local non-profits.

His hobbies include photography, amateur film production, tennis, hiking, airsoft, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Jon has a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies and organization leadership from California State University, East Bay.

“I want to help teens mature and transform into young adults who are accountable, trustworthy, sensible, reliable, and dependable.” —Jon Thompson