A Key Ingredient to Raising Mature Teens

School is intense. Early mornings. Tests. Sports and practices can be a grind. The social pressures.

Teens come home exhausted and stressed from their day and what do they get?


I am so glad I am out of school. I don’t miss that life. With all of their stress and busyness, do teens have time for chores and household responsibilities? In my 17 years of working with teens, I have discovered that…

Many teens do not have daily chores.


I have heard parents say…

“She is so busy with school, we want her to concentrate on her homework.”

“Well, we have a housekeeper so…”
“F#@ we have tried! She won’t do them!”
“He is too busy with sports.”
“I am a stay-at-home mom, so I do them all.”
“It’s too much hassle to get them to do anything, so we stopped trying.”

And to this, I say…

Chores are an essential ingredient to raising mature, responsible, young adults.

Every home is a school. And in your school, important life-learning needs to take place.

I was driving in the pouring rain in Danville, CA and I saw this middle school boy doing his chore of dragging these trash bins up the driveway. (I had to stop to take this picture!) Nice work parents!

Chores teach teens important adult essentials:

-Time management

These are lessons that our children won’t learn in school.

Teaching is hard work. It can be exhausting. (Especially if you have a reluctant learner.)

But teaching teens the values that come with doing chores is worth it!


A University of Minnesota analysis of data collected over a 20-year period found that the best predictor of success in young adulthood, on measures related to education completion, career path and personal relationships, was whether they had begun doing chores at an early age—as young as 3 or 4 years old.

But just 28 percent of parents said they regularly assign chores to their kids, even though 82 percent said they grew up doing chores themselves. See the article:

How we help teens and parents:

My Flyer JPGSean Donohue Family Coaching provides coaching and mentoring to hurting and defiant teenagers, and we show parents how to restore love, order and communication to their family.

If your family is hurting or struggling with communication or defiance, we would love to partner with you and help you to restore love and communication in your home. We come to you. We don’t want or need “an office.” We connect with teens while doing activities they enjoy doing and meet with families in their homes.