Every Home is a School

As parents, we put our trust in teachers and administrators to teach our children many important things. Schools teach our children and teens valuable subjects like reading, writing, science, history, physical education, and math.

Time-spoof-coverWe expect this education to be done with excellence.

But schools do not teach our children
MANY of the MOST important lessons in life.




Conflict Communication

The Importance of Family



Anger Management



Personal Responsibility

753A3681-6C8B-4C10-8EC1-EBE3CB4BEFD8Parents are the primary teachers in a child’s life.

We always have been.

We will continue to be until our children move out. (And with some, even after.)

IT IS NOT a principal’s or a teacher’s job to teach our children to be kind, to be loyal, to be compassionate, to be a good person. They are not trained in this, nor is it in their job description. They are not the parents.

As parents, we have taught our children how to hold a spoon, how to tie their shoes, and how to brush their teeth.

Every home is a school.

So many parents quit teaching and mentoring in the teen years. As our children get older and become teenagers, we must continue their education.

“Mom, leave me alone!!!!”

Your son rolls his eyes at you.

Father daughter sit seaIt is very difficult to teach a student who does not want to learn. But you can still be a great teacher even if your student doesn’t want to learn.

When your son fails his driving test it doesn’t mean he had a bad driving instructor.

It simply means he is a slow learner when it comes to maturely driving a car.

You can still be a great parent if you have a troubled teen.

753A3681-6C8B-4C10-8EC1-EBE3CB4BEFD8So, my fellow parents—TEACH ON!

You can do it. You have what it takes inside of you. Your kids need you.

Some of us have kids who are slow learners. That’s simply their journey as a student.

Great teachers will accept slow learners with love and gentleness, and keep teaching with patience and perseverance.

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Be strong. Stay close. Teach wisdom.

Your Friend,

Sean Donohue, Family Coach

How we help teens and parents:

My Flyer JPGSean Donohue Family Coaching provides coaching and mentoring to hurting and defiant teenagers, and we show parents how to restore love, order and communication to their family.

If your family is hurting or struggling with communication or defiance, we would love to partner with you and help you to restore love and communication in your home. We come to you. We don’t want or need “an office.” We connect with teens while doing activities they enjoy doing and meet with families in their homes.


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