Getting Started

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To start working with us:

Email Sean at and tell him a little about your family situation, what city you live in, and what days and times (Monday-Friday) your teen is available to meet for sessions. Please include which package you would like to start with or if you would prefer to begin with a single session ($200).


Contact Sean to set up a free 15-20 minute phone consultation. He can answer any questions you have about our work and how we help teens and families like yours.

As shown in the chart below, we structure our time and fees by how many sessions per week one of our Coaches will meet with your teen/family.  Clients choose one of our monthly packages. We do not take insurance. If you are unsure if you would like to purchase a package, we can begin with a single session ($200).

All emailing, texting and short phone calls with your family are included in your monthly rate.

We communicate with the parents we work with very often, and for extreme situations, sometimes daily. We are passionate about partnering with parents and keeping them informed and educated.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 6.40.18 PM

*After the initial package, clients can purchase individual sessions for $200 per session.

Parents, if you are experiencing defiance, drug/alcohol abuse, out-of control behavior, verbal abuse, severe laziness, addiction, or severe self-esteem issues with your teen, we will likely recommend a package with more than one session per week for the first month. This is because your teenager/family will need more attention from one of our Coaches than one day a week.

Each family situation is unique. More critical situations benefit from initial high levels of engagement, while less critical situations can benefit from a less frequent cadence of meetings.

Our goal is to make ourselves replaceable. We love to hear our clients say, “Coach, we have great news, we just don’t need you anymore.” 

Thanks for visiting our website.

You are not alone.

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