Speaking to tens of thousands of parents, teens and tweens every year, Sean Donohue is one of the most popular speakers in Northern California.

Sean uses a unique mix of humor, powerful story-telling and modern research to capture the attention of his audiences, both young and old.


Sean is so funny! I could listen to him talk forever—He has been through it!” —Mom of Teens

Five stars! Sean is the most impactful speaker we have ever had!” —Middle School Student

Sean got the kids to laugh, share and even cry with his humble, but also dynamic personality. He was relatable; he shared so much of his own story, and it was so compelling.” —Administrator

Sean was amazing! He really connected in a meaningful way to all of us. Many said bring him back next year.” —Mom

“After the assembly, I had many students approach me and tell me that it was the best assembly that they had ever attended.” —Aaron Tarzian, Principal of Creekside Elementary

Scroll down for additional information on various topics that Sean addresses during parent education seminars, school assemblies, and family, relationship and EQ education workshops. In addition, view Sean’s speaking calendar.


Parenting seminars range from 20-300 parents.





Here is one of my webinars “The 3 Roles Parents of Teens Must Embrace!”


Here is another one of my webinars “Mean Girls.”

Parenting Seminars

screens-and-teens-te-publicschoolScreens and Teens: What Parents Need to Know About Teen Social Media

We need parent education on teen social media more than ever. I will guide parents through popular apps with hard-hitting information and offer parents  invaluable tools, insights and encouragement that will help them to better understand, connect with, and parent their teens. Parents will leave feeling empowered and educated.

howtobeclosewithyourchildHow to Be Close With Your Teen/Child: 7 Parenting Actions and Why SO Many Parents Don’t Do Them

Using storytelling, humor and insights, I share seven important actions that parents can put into place immediately…and get ready to laugh at how weird us parents can be! (One of my most popular seminars.)



Raising Caring, Mature, Successful Teens

Using facts proven by science, I help parents understand who their teenager needs them to be in order for their teen to grow in wisdom, maturity, emotional health, and success.





What Teens Wish Their Parents Knew 

After many years of listening to and studying kids/teens and their culture, I will share surprising and helpful insights that will forever change your relationship with your kid/teenager and his/her friends, and help you to be the parent you want to be. When parents go home they can read the “Wishes” with their kid/teen and see if he/she responds with a “Yes! That’s so true!”



What Kids Wish Their Parents Knew

Similar to “What Teens Wish Their Parents Knew,” this seminar is for parents of elementary age kids and pre-teens.




How to Not Suck at Parenting: Tools for the Most Important Job in the World

I teach Positive Parenting tools and approaches that are new and even shocking, to the vast majority of my audience who use and rely on traditional parenting methods. Like all of my speaking, it comes with my usual use of humor, brain research, story-telling, and role-playing.

stress-anxiety-and-our-kidsStress, Anxiety and Our Kids: Needed Tools for Modern Parents

I educate parents on the latest medical research regarding children, teens and parents regarding stress and anxiety, and share where and how our kids are experiencing stress. During this seminar I teach parenting skills and EQ (emotional quotient) tools that parents can use to teach their children coping skills, mindfulness and communication strategies.

family-endurance-ppExhausted Parents: Surviving Parenthood With Today’s Teens

There are so many tired parents out there. This seminar gives parents tools on how they can work smarter for the long haul when parenting modern teens. Filled with laughter, relief, encouragement, and wisdom, parents will leave feeling rejuvenated and strengthened with new tools to help them tackle tough teen-related issues that come with parenting modern teens.

Understanding Daughters

I give parents a number of new tools and insights that will help them raise their daughters to be brave, wise and caring young women.

Understanding Sons

I give parents a number of new tools and insights that will help them raise their sons to be men of integrity, responsibility and wisdom.


School Assemblies

My Phone, My Apps, My Life: 7 Things We Love About Social Media (Middle/High School)

In this assembly, I address the important online topics of cyberbullying; posting wise content; garbage-in, garbage-out; using wisdom with potentially dangerous apps; human kindness; and using your power for good. I do all this with lots of laughter, amazing videos and stuff kids love. And we close the assembly with a special all-school experience.

speaking-pic-5Choices That Make Life Amazing! (3rd-5th Grade)

This assembly addresses important issues in a wildly effective, age-appropriate manner: the power of CHOICE; words; kindness; true friendship; saying NO to drugs and prescription medication abuse; and bullying and cyberbullying. I do this with a main thread throughout: showing love and respect to yourself and others. Read a newspaper article on the assembly.

Wise Clicks: Using Your Power and Your Clicks for Good (Middle/High School)

This is a follow up to the “My Phone, My Apps, My Life” assembly, because after presenting the first assembly, schools often ask for another. In “Wise Clicks” I address important issues like knowing the difference between online fantasy and real-life reality, cat-fishing, screen addiction, and being an everyday hero.

We Are Better Together (Middle/Elementary School)

Focusing on human kindness, empathy, inclusion, and using your words to build and not hurt, “We Are Better Together” brings the whole school/class together for a powerful time of connecting, growing and unity. Much more than in typical assemblies, I include the students and many of the kids will stand up to share, speak and encourage.

Workshops for Parents and Teens to Attend Together 

flyer3-0Learning to Communicate: An Interactive Communication Workshop for Teens/Tweens and Their Parents

Finally, a workshop that helps teens/tweens communicate with their parents! Filled with humor, intensity, instructive tools, and videos, this seminar changes teens’ lives—and parents’ lives too. Teens learn and practice important communication skills like empathy, eye-contact, conflict resolution, respect, and assertiveness. Participants walk away with new tools that help them to be close and communicate well through these tough adolescent years.

flyer6-0What Teens Wish Their Parents Knew: An Interactive Experience  

After many years of listening to and studying teenagers and their culture, I share surprising and extremely helpful insights that will forever change your relationship with your teenager and his/her friends, and help you to be the parent you want to be. Get ready for your teen to respond to you with a “Yes! That’s so true!” Short breaks occur during the workshop for teens and parents to communicate as you learn and grow together. This seminar can also be held with parents alone.

discussingDiscussing Screens and Teens: An Interactive Experience

Finally, a forum where parents and teens/tweens can sit to talk about THIS HUGE ISSUE! This workshop is filled with teaching and videos, and we ask the important questions that parents and teens need to discuss. Format: Sean teaches for 10 minutes and then provides questions for parents and teens to discuss together for five minutes, then repeat. This workshop focuses on cyberbullying, tools for being a safe user, screen usage, and time limits. Hot topics! Families walk away with new strategies, a better understanding of each other, and fresh ideas to take home and put into practice. Read a news article about this event HERE.

2018 Speaking Calendar: See Our Facebook Page for Details 

January 24 – Saint Joan of Arc, San Ramon
January 25 – Charlotte Wood Middle School, Danville
February 6 – Vista Grande Elementary School, Danville
February 8 – Young Mom’s Group, Pleasanton
February 11 – National Charity League, Danville
February 21 – Hearst Elementary School, Pleasanton
March 13 – Valley View Elementary School, Pleasanton
March 14 – CPC and San Ramon Valley Christian Academy, Danville
March 27 – With Axis, Robert Livermore Community Center, Livermore
March 28 – Mendenhall Middle School, Livermore
April 19 – Greenbrook Elementary School, Danville
April 25 – Barnabas Group, Danville
August – Mount Diablo Unified School District Back-To-School Conference