When I was a single mother struggling to raise a teenage daughter, Sean provided an essential positive male role model in our lives. I always breathed a sigh of relief when my daughter was on an activity with Sean, because I knew that she was safe emotionally and physically. I was confident that Sean was guiding her down a path towards healthy life choices and away from destructive influences. Today my daughter is a college educated, happily married, mother of two, and Sean and his family remain a part of our family. Thank you, Sean!

Kathy Low, Parent, Retired High School Administrator

Mark Salavitch, Aug 2014
Sean has been a significant factor in my son’s emergence into adulthood with a high degree of capacity and maturity. I’m forever grateful for Sean’s “holding” of Mathew during his middle and high school years; of all the many events, including fireside talks and weekend outings. As a co-parent of boys, I feel Sean has given Mathew an older brother/wise uncle perspective that I never could have individually. And the on-going friendship/mentorship that my son continues with Sean during college breaks and summers is priceless.

Mark Salavitch, Parent, Program Manager, Energy Conservation, Walnut Creek

A simple invitation from Sean three years ago changed the course of my life. He has challenged me in ways that I did not think I would ever be challenged, and I am better off because of it. He has challenged me to live my life putting others first and to be a leader in all aspects of my life. I am so grateful for the wisdom, knowledge and personal growth that I was able to achieve while under his guidance. It has helped me to become the man I am today.

Jon Thompson, College Student, Benicia

10665881_10100844912176298_6460631280717278000_nSean is my biggest inspiration in life and has become one of my closest friends. I met Sean at age 14 when I was a lost high schooler trying to find my way as a man, as a student, and as a person. If it wasn’t for Sean I don’t know what road I would have went down or what kind of people I would have gotten mixed up with. He helped guide me to lead a successful and fulfilling life. Now I am married to my high school sweetheart, the father of beautiful boy and girl twins, and a TV meteorologist in Austin, TX.

Jordan Higley, Young Professional, Austin, Texas

10553426_923116131047858_1440417825192764866_n (1)

Sean began to mentor me during my freshman year of high school. I was on a very bad path. I had my insecurities and didn’t follow any rules from my teachers or parents. With regular help and guidance from Sean all through high school, he helped me turn my life around. I am proud to say that today I am a United States Navy Corpsman stationed with the Marines at Camp Pendleton.

Alan Zuniga, Young Professional, United States Navy Corpsman, Camp Pendleton

Sean is a really good listener and is compassionate about understanding what teenagers are going through. He is very relational and has shown me how to communicate with my peers in a healthy way. I have benefited from his guidance and leadership.

Camille Viscuglia, High School Student, Monte Vista High School, Danville


Sean is amazing with teens. He has taught me so much about self respect and self worth. He is passionate about your growth and maturity as an individual, with your friends and with your family. He is also supportive of my interests and was always there to support any big event I had. He did so much for my life and always reminded me to see myself as a TEACUP—ask him what that means!

Colette Smith, High School Student, San Ramon Valley High School, Danville


Throughout high school Sean has helped me navigate many tough situations such as drinking, friends, guys, self-esteem, and my studies. Like many teenagers, I have struggled with my relationship with my father. Sean helped by talking to us individually and gave us both great tools for communication that made it much easier for us to get along with each other. I am so thankful for all of the wisdom he has shared with me.

Sabrina VanRaalte, High School Student, San Ramon Valley High School, Danville


Sean has been a beacon of light for my whole family, and especially our children in their teenage years. Every teen needs someone outside of their family who can give them extra insight in lives that are sometimes awkward and have difficult challenges. Sean has been that light to my sons, and I truly cannot imagine our lives without Sean’s support.

Bob Hunter, Parent, Business Owner, Danville

Sean began mentoring me when I was a freshmen in high school. To young people, Sean is extremely relatable, knowledgeable and understanding of the current challenges and struggles in the variety of teen and school ‘worlds.’ He is always reaching out to help, provide resources, and give advice in ways that are so needed to many teens and their families.

Emile Kelso, College Student, Azusa Pacific University


Sean was always the one who kept me on track with my decisions through my high school years and today we are still good friends. I knew that I could always count on Sean to be there for me when I needed advice or an honest opinion about a situation that I was dealing with. I’m very grateful for the compassion and honesty that Sean showed me, as well as how he challenges me to be the best I can be.

Curtis Hunter, College Student, Whitworth University


I am so thankful to Sean for all the time, support, wisdom, and influence that he has shown my son, Gabe, throughout his teenage years. His mentoring made a difference in his life and I know that Gabe will be “paying it forward” in the years to come. Today, Gabe is a United States Marine, and I am so proud of the man that my son has become!

Faith Spangenberg, Mother, Walnut Creek

I have known Sean for about 10 years and I have witnessed his unique ability to communicate and connect with hurting and troubled teens. Now that I have a family, with four children of my own, I am glad that I have a resource to go to when times get tough.

Nick Harris, Parent, Retired NFL Player, Walnut Creek



I have known Sean for several years, and I have partnered with him in a professional capacity on many occasions throughout the Bay Area. Sean is a trusted and respected leader, mentor and friend. He does amazing work with young people and families in a variety of ways. I highly recommend working with Sean in any capacity.

Nate Millhiem, Colleague, Oakland Leadership Center


Sean played a huge part in my son’s life when he was making a difficult transition from private school to public high school. He helped him negotiate making friends and smart choices, and I am happy to say my son, who is grown up now, is a better person because of the role that Sean played in his life.

Karen Cannariato, Parent, Danville

I was 15 and going into my freshman year of high school when I first met Sean. I quickly began to see Sean as a mentor. Through the years, he has played a major role in my growth into the man I am today. Sean has always been there to give me sound advice and offer guidance when I get off track. He has a gift for a type of honesty that is straightforward yet kind; this has impacted me and has changed the way I interact in my relationships. I still count Sean as a close friend.

Nick Harral, College Student, Cal State Monterey Bay

IMG_1774 (2)
I met Sean when my family had just moved to California from Texas, midway through my freshman year of high school. During that tough transition, Sean became someone I could turn to, someone I could relate to, and he helped me with that transition tremendously. Since then Sean has always been there for me, becoming my mentor and one of my dearest friends. Sean is wise and truly possesses a heart for people.

Alex Wozniak, College Student, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 4.43.18 PMMeeting Sean when I was 14 changed the trajectory of my life. Without Sean’s influence I would have continued down a dangerous path, but instead learned tools for navigating through tough circumstances. Looking back I credit Sean with so many of my successes. I simply cannot imagine what life would look like if Sean had not been a part of mine. Now I am married to my high school sweetheart, Jordan Higley (who was also helped by Sean), and the mother of twins.

Danielle Higley, Young Professional, Marketing Project Manager, Austin, Texas

IMG_0036If there’s truth in the notion that “it takes a village” to bring up a well-grounded teen through the normal challenges and young adult formation (and I think there is truth to this idea), then I can say unequivocally that I am glad Sean was consistently available and highly effective in serving in the extended adult village that helped my son through his teens. Sean walked alongside my son over the course of many years and remains a trusted resource for guidance, as well as a sounding board and encourager. I also found Sean to be effective in partnering with me as a parent, keeping a healthy balance between teen and parent and operating with integrity. He doesn’t take on problems or situations to become the “answer man,” but rather engages with perspective and truly brings out people’s capability to grow in problem solving and in developing essential life skills.

Christine Talbot, Parent, Human Resources Executive, San Ramon

PastedGraphic-2Throughout my high school years, Sean was, and still is, a constant friend and mentor, steering me away from murky waters and leading me in the way of honor, wisdom and maturity. As I continue to grow into a man, I will never forget his wisdom and never stop trying to emulate the example he has set for me.

Mat Salavitch, College Student, New York City