Teen Coaching


If you have a hurting, mean, defiant, angry, lazy, anxious, drug-using, or screen-addicted teen, not only is your teen hurting, but the family can’t function properly.

Teen Coaching: We Build Health and Maturity

1) We help teens to know themselves, love themselves, and live a mature, responsible life.

2) We help parents accomplish their parenting goals and bring out the best in their teen.

3) We coach teens and families on how to communicate with excellence and maturity.Hispanic father with African American teenage son

4) We show teens and families how to break negative cycles and to replace them with healthy systems.

5) We are “Peacemakers,” and help develop peace and closeness between teens and their parents.

6) We coach parents on how to parent with love, order, consistency, and “authoritative” approaches, and give them new and creative tools to effectively parent even the most hurting and defiant teen.

Teen Coaching Defined by Sean Donohue

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Our Approach Is Holistic, Unique and Very Effective

Parents, with our coaching help, you can expect to see immediate changes in your teenager. Unlike typical therapist sessions, our coaches do much more than just listen to teens in a sterile office, keeping parents in the dark about what they are discussing. Our work is transformational.

We quickly discover and understand your teen’s deeper, underlying issues. Then we connect and communicate with you; and together we create a custom-made approach that will help your teen become healthy, respectful, confident, and mature.

We Specialize in Working With Teens Who Have Shut Their Parents Out

Desperate father with daughter addicted to cell phoneWe are extremely successful at helping teens with self-esteem issues; defiance; emotional outbursts; video game and screen addictions; out-of-control behavior; drug, alcohol and vaping use; stealing; anger; depression; anxiety; and the impact of divorce. We also work with very personal issues like sexual choices, sexting, and issues with sexual identification and orientation.

Whatever their issues are, our unique approach helps teens become the young men/young women they truly want to be: happy, confident, caring, motivated.

We Help Teens That Are Defiant, Screen-Addicted, Using Drugs, or Out-of-Control 

We can partner with parents to provide unique and helpful intervention services to give teens a wake-up-call and to help get him/her back on a positive track.

We Use a Family-Based Approach

We support moms and dads so they can be the parents they want to be; the parents that their teen needs. If needed, we show parents how to get their power and their voices back.

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Our coaching helps parents develop new skills in parenting and connecting with their teen. We help parents overcome old patterns of enabling, passivity, shaming, anger, fighting, or over-punishing.

Happy African-American family outsideWe are Family Coaches, not therapists, psychologists or psychiatrists.

We Create Change Using Three Types of Sessions

Teen Sessions (Coach and Teenager)

We will meet with your teenager in your home or in public places where your teenager frequents and feels comfortable, like Jamba Juice and Starbucks. We will also have our sessions while doing activities that your teenager enjoys, like throwing a football, walking in the mall, hiking, bike riding, going to a sports game, fishing, skating, or talking while shopping. Teens love this type of communication and really open up to change.

A typical teen coaching session will last one hour, but sessions will sometimes go longer. All times, activities and locations are approved by parents.

Parent Sessions (Coach and Parent(s))Father And Daughter Together isolated on white background

Parents sessions take place without your teenager present. Step-parents, divorced or separated parents, and other critical adult family members are included as you decide. We will form a trusting relationship with each other. We will meet anywhere you like: in your home, for lunch, for coffee, or near your place of work. Our discussions, and our keen listening abilities, will help us to identify the disconnect between you and your teen. Once the roots of your challenges are identified, we will make a custom-made plan together.

Family Sessions (Coach, Parent(s), Teenager and Possibly Other Family Members) 

Family sessions are conducted with the parent(s) and the teen together. One of the key goals of family sessions is to help everyone involved increase respect, empathy and listening towards one another. We will model the empathy, listening and communication skills that will serve the restoration process. Lives are changed in family sessions.

More Creative Ways We Help

Responding to texts and phone calls are an important part of what we do. Both you and your teenager can call or text our Coaches. We will give you the counsel, encouragement or advice you need. If you are having a crisis situation with your teenager, we may even drive over to your house and help you through it.

16-personalities-testWe help your teen discover the gifts and talents he/she has is another aspect to our Coaching. We use tools like Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinders and many other personality and vocational assessment tools.

As your teen discovers his/her strengths, passions and talents, we may introduce him/her to adult professionals who are thriving in that specific field. We will help your teen get a vision for his/her life.

51jrjj1AzLLWe help teenagers see the importance of caring for others and for those less fortunate than them is another important aspect of our Coaching. We may participate in activities such as feeding the homeless and/or spending time listening to a homeless person’s story, visiting seniors at a retirement home, serving kids with disabilities, and other types of volunteering. We believe in the proverb, “More is caught than taught.”

We may even spend time with your teen and his/her friends to observe your teen in “their world.” We will help your teen discern who are his/her “true friends.”

We hope you call us. We can help.



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